Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mural Fest Montreal 2013

Finally got some time to put out these flicks from the Mural Fest that took place in the plateau back just over a week ago. It covered a good amount of space from Sherbrooke Street up St Laurent till Mont Royal, or thereabouts. The murals were on the side streets at intervals along the way with street meat, clothing, and other vendors selling their wares to the endless throng of people passing through. Twenty murals were done by a really talented group of artists from all over -Escif from Spain, Roa from Belgium, Pixel Pancho from Italy, Reka One from Australia, Phlegm from England, Ricardo Cavolo from Madrid, LNY & Christina Angelina from the United States, and Omen, Patrick Botkin with En Masse, Chris Dyer, Wzrds Gng, Peria Crew, Other, Le Bonnard, Labrona, A'Shop Crew from Montreal, Toronto, and other parts of Canada. It was a pretty international event actually. Being that it was a pretty large area to cover I didn't actually get a cahnce to flcik every mural while I was there, and I was covering the A'Shop wall a little more than the rest of it. I still managed to flick a bunch of shots of the spots from Sherbrooke till about Rachel. Apologies to those who I missed out there or didn't get to chill for a minute. Here's some of what I got from the couple of days I was out there.

Big ups to A'Shop for the three day block party and a good time, Scan for the lift on Thursday to snap some cool perspective shots, and everyone else involved in the event. I'll have more of the finished pieces when I get a chance to stop through the plateau in the enar future. Or you can just go and check them out yourself. some of them are pretty grandiose. I heard that the Phlegm piece was crossd out already which kinda sucks since he was a guest at an event, but that spot gets bombed pretty much on the regular. Hopefully most of the murals get some deserved shelf life and the event gets put in again in the future. In any case, stay posted, more from my Berlin trip and Montreal streets soon.

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