Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back in Action & Making a Name

A few months ago I announced that I would be gearing up to move this blog into a full website, however, some ideological and life changes have led me back to the blogger sphere. First, the website is a project to be developed over the next while, I can promise that when I figure everything out on that end that it will be worth while and a definite step to a higher level of work and coverage. Second, I have recently been given news that I will be starting doctoral studies this coming September and will have to devote a significant amount of my energy and time to my studies and research. The user interface and ease of the blog have become more of a necessity if I am to continue covering the scene locally and abroad to any respectable degree. My apologies to those who have been waiting for a new and improved blog or photo site after the announcement. I will continue to post and document with the same vigor, integrity, and charm that I have previously brought to the table and hope that those who follow this blog will also continue to give me your time, respect and support.

With that said, I have so, so much to catch up on. I'll be dropping posts on everything from Berlin to Montreal in the last 4 months, including some long exposure and HDR shots that I have been experimenting with and learning. I'm also going through a pretty heavy organization phase as I prepare for my upcoming studies so I am trying to not to get buried under new work while putting older piles of work in proper order.

The big news this week is the premier of Patrick O'Connor's documentary film "Making a Name" at the FIFA, the International Festival of Films on Art, on Friday the 22nd March 2013. It is playing at 6:30 pm
at the Cinquieme Salle, located at 175 saint Catherine Street West. You can get tickets at the Place Des Arts Ticket Office here, they are $12 each. 

For those of you who know Patrick, he has been documenting the local subculture of which he has firm roots for over a decade. His first feature, Wreckognition, was situated in the streets following a number of Montreal's most notorious writers (and a few from abroad) as they 'bombed' and 'destroyed' everything from walls to trains. Although Wreckognition was a work mostly documenting bombing on the streets and elsewhere in the city, it was the most comprehensive compilation of any Montreal based writers in action that had been produced to that date. Making a Name is a more in depth and detailed look at the local scene featuring interviews with some of the heaviest hitters this city has to offer and footage that will satisfy even the most fiendish writers out there. the documentary also features tracks and music by the Furious One. FIFA has also set up a discussion period after the film that will have some local faces and names (including yours truly) chatting with the director Patrick O'Connor about the finer parts of the documentary and ideally some food for thought. Do yourself a favor and check this documentary out, you will not be disappointed.

If you don`t already own Wreckognition you can most likely find it at a  local graff shop or you could contact Patrick Directly through his site I believe that this is the youtube channel as well. You can find the digs on the Furious One at his site as well:

So be ready for more updates, the last few months, and check this documentary!

Stay posted.