Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Into the Belly of the Beast: Stinkys Sept 2012

It's been years since I have taken the opportunity to get back into Stinky's. Shortly after the courtyard and the rest of the easy entrances were closed up about five years ago I just flicked shots from the outside. I tried to get in through a few spots here and there but I never made it back in. A lot of the make shift entraces that have been made over the years are pretty small and for the most part I haven't been able to fit through. Last week I met up with a fellow explorer and, after weaseling our way in, paid this decrepid husk a more proper visit.

It was right around sunset so we didn't have too long but I managed to get a few nice shots.The entire area is in terrible disrepair, portions of the roof in a number of areas have caved in, sections of flooring and stairs are missing, bricks and other debris lays about in piles, it is utterly derelict, forgotten, and abandoned. I only had an hour or so to get my shots and the light was going quick. There are many more rooms I have to get into and document with some proper shots so I hope to return soon with better light and more time. Enjoy these shots for now. More to come soon.

Stay posted.