Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TLW: TA Wall and the Streets

Been a busy week, but getting lots done. I'm building up a bunch of solid flicks for Rooftop Edition Volume 3 so you better be keeping close to these updates. I'm also preparing to expand beyond the blog format and into a full fledged web site dedicated to Montreal Graffiti and from there it only gets bigger and better. I'll be going to Berlin soon as well for an extended visit and I fully expect to pound pavement and get my flick game on like I do here.  Here are some shots from the streets I grabbed from The Last Week and a killer production by some of Montreal's finest at the TA Wall. More soon.


Great production by Oser, Axe, Ensu, Stare, Stane, Scan, and Smak at the A Wall. I'm sitting on some other good stuff that I'll have up soon. Stay posted.

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  1. Smak scan and dysk 3 best graffiti artist in Montreal in my opinion . awsome pieces