Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daily Dose: Silo No.5

I was in the Old Port on Friday and decided to stop through and check out the old Silo No. 5 that stands tall along the Montreal skyline. This is a massive facility, spanning almost half a kilometer and over 60 meters high with 206 silos in three different structures. Apparently there are talks between Heritage Montreal, the city and businesses to try to restore or preserve the structure for its significance to the industrial and shipping history of the city and region. At the moment it's abandoned, fenced off, and for the most part not in use. Although when I was walking around there was power to several buildings, lights, and ventilation fans running. I also found a few cameras in the back end that made me adjust my approach to the area.

I didn't get in as all the doors were welded shut, at least as far as I could see. In all my years flicking I just never made to this area or inside this structure. Now that I know where to get in I'll be stopping through more often, to grab flicks of the area and explore at the very least. If I get into this monster I'll be sure to document the hell out of it, that's for sure. And I don't know what happened but I had a great shot of a Near Dawsr collab that seems to have disappeared. Apologies. I'll post it next time I pass though if its still there.

Got a few nice flicks though. Mostly stuff from last year. Besides a couple of the pieces I really liked the enormity of the structure and grounds of the facility. I'd love to get into this place to see its innards, and when I do get in I'm going to make sure not to miss a thing. I'll post more in the future when I get a chance to stop by again. I`m sure that this spot has had its fair share of graff but from this visit I didn't see a whole lot. Most likely there is plenty inside this beast. Enjoy these few flicks for now.  More in the future.

Stay posted.

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