Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily dose: TA Wall & Factory

I haven't dropped an update on TA for a little while, and I pass through there on a pretty regular basis so I figured one was due. The upper wall area has all but been flattened since the buff campaign started up a few months ago. The city (or whoever) started piling giant mounds of used asphalt along the upper wall that have been used partly to level out the area. The walls remain mostly grey except for a few tags, hollows and the odd piece here and there. Writing hasn't stopped at the upper part of TA, it's just pretty quiet. Though I suspect that soon enough this area will be active again
The rest of the area, lower wall and factory are still pretty active with new stuff popping up on the regular. I heard another rumor starting out that the factory was going to get demolished in the next month. I've heard that pretty much every year since I started taking pics of it and it's still there, so we'll see about the veracity of that claim. if the building is going demolished or pulled then there certainly is not a whole lot of preparing going on. Here are the rest of my shots from the day, more soon.

Stay posted.

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