Monday, August 20, 2012

Daily Dose: St Caths Alleys

The alleyways of St. Catherine's always have something new. I took a quick cut through a couple of spots along my way back home today and caught a few interesting sights. I liked the Dave Boots sticker I found on the side of an Asian restaurant along St. Catherine's street, the anti-Charest sticker too (I despise Jean Charest), and I kind of liked the perspective I got on that Durs Johste tag. You can check Dave Boots' stuff on his tumblr here, he's got some crazy instagram shots of stuff going on at Peace Park and his adventures around town.

I shot all of these using my Nikon Digi, good little camera. You have to appreciate the level of grime found in almost all of Montreal alleyways along the main streets. Besides the signature graffiti people write some other stuff too, some it is actually profound while other stuff is completely senseless. I got a bunch of it so, I think I'll put together a post on that soon. Here's a few shots, enjoy, and more to come.

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