Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daily Dose: Bacer

I was around St. Laurent yesterday helping a friend move.  I was chilling back casing a few rooftops that I intend to go back and document properly when I came across an old Bacer hit right across from the metro. It's old and faded, but still running. It got me thinking about the other Bacers still running in a few spots across the city and the longevity he got out of them. Bacer and Case were killing it with rollers at one point, the most visible of which is on Foufs still to this day.  I never met the gent (or Case for that matter) as I came into the scene a little after his heyday, but I got to give him respect for holding it down as tight as he did, and for leaving a lasting mark on the Montreal's cityscape.

So here are a couple of shots I dug up from the vault of what I was able to flick of Bacer over time. I was going to drop some randim pics but I figured I'll double dose it today since I fell asleep last night before I could post. Not a whole lot of Bacer pics, but it's enough to show he's still way up.

More soon. Stay posted.

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