Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily dose: TA Wall & Factory

I haven't dropped an update on TA for a little while, and I pass through there on a pretty regular basis so I figured one was due. The upper wall area has all but been flattened since the buff campaign started up a few months ago. The city (or whoever) started piling giant mounds of used asphalt along the upper wall that have been used partly to level out the area. The walls remain mostly grey except for a few tags, hollows and the odd piece here and there. Writing hasn't stopped at the upper part of TA, it's just pretty quiet. Though I suspect that soon enough this area will be active again
The rest of the area, lower wall and factory are still pretty active with new stuff popping up on the regular. I heard another rumor starting out that the factory was going to get demolished in the next month. I've heard that pretty much every year since I started taking pics of it and it's still there, so we'll see about the veracity of that claim. if the building is going demolished or pulled then there certainly is not a whole lot of preparing going on. Here are the rest of my shots from the day, more soon.

Stay posted.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Dose: Trackside NDG

Spotted these on my way back towards the West Island recently so I decided to make a mini-mission of it on the way home.  Nice rollers by K6A, Sure & Five8 that haveolid placement and is forcibly benched by passengers everyday the trains pass on through.

Stay posted. More to come.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Daily Dose: St Caths Alleys

The alleyways of St. Catherine's always have something new. I took a quick cut through a couple of spots along my way back home today and caught a few interesting sights. I liked the Dave Boots sticker I found on the side of an Asian restaurant along St. Catherine's street, the anti-Charest sticker too (I despise Jean Charest), and I kind of liked the perspective I got on that Durs Johste tag. You can check Dave Boots' stuff on his tumblr here, he's got some crazy instagram shots of stuff going on at Peace Park and his adventures around town.

I shot all of these using my Nikon Digi, good little camera. You have to appreciate the level of grime found in almost all of Montreal alleyways along the main streets. Besides the signature graffiti people write some other stuff too, some it is actually profound while other stuff is completely senseless. I got a bunch of it so, I think I'll put together a post on that soon. Here's a few shots, enjoy, and more to come.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daily Dose: Plateau Shots

So here are a fe random shots from the other day, caught a nice Labrona paste on my way to my buddy's place to move him and a few other things. The nice weather is back in effect for a little before fall moves on in so you can't go wrong with sidewalk chilling. There are some rooftop spots I've been watching for a little bit, sharpening my knives and gettign ready to flick them proper but it just seems like the timing and conditions are never right. In any case I hope to get them soon and drop another mad rooftop edition at some point. In any case check these fwe flicks for now and more to come soon.

 More soon, lots more soon.

Daily Dose: Bacer

I was around St. Laurent yesterday helping a friend move.  I was chilling back casing a few rooftops that I intend to go back and document properly when I came across an old Bacer hit right across from the metro. It's old and faded, but still running. It got me thinking about the other Bacers still running in a few spots across the city and the longevity he got out of them. Bacer and Case were killing it with rollers at one point, the most visible of which is on Foufs still to this day.  I never met the gent (or Case for that matter) as I came into the scene a little after his heyday, but I got to give him respect for holding it down as tight as he did, and for leaving a lasting mark on the Montreal's cityscape.

So here are a couple of shots I dug up from the vault of what I was able to flick of Bacer over time. I was going to drop some randim pics but I figured I'll double dose it today since I fell asleep last night before I could post. Not a whole lot of Bacer pics, but it's enough to show he's still way up.

More soon. Stay posted.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Daily Dose: PSC Tracks

Took a walk along the PSC tracks after work and caught a few nice shots, some old, some new. Dre & Five8 pulled off a nice roller in a solid location. Not a long walk, just a short dip before I headed back home. Things have been busy, some upcoming shows to prepare for, Osheaga and then Under Pressure. Next we got Can You Rock coming up the first weekend of September. I'm trying to get back into gear for my PhD research on top of everything else so I've just been stockpiling flicks. I'm going to leak a bit every day and give a daily dose of what I come across.

 More soon.