Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RIP Dock1 Original Montreal King

Dock had already been a force on the streets well before I got into following and documenting the subculture back in 2003. Pretty much any major spot I went to Dock was way up on top of everything else. He was a writer who had proved himself through his dedication to his craft and through the mastering his style and form. He could bang out a solid roller or drop a sick multicolor piece, many of which still grace spots along the tracks and around the city to this day. I didn't know the man but I've heard that he was pretty fearless, and stuck up for his homies whenever they needed it. There is so much I never had the opportunity to capture, and a whole lot more that I was never privy to, but for what it is worth here's what I've been able to pull from the vault.

There are lots of RIPs being done throughout the city showing how much Dock meant to those in the subculture. These just above are from the TA Factory a few days ago. Lots of stories being told about how crazy he was and all the close run ins with rail security and other wild times. Mook-Life had a great write up and photo spotlight on Dock not too long ago paying homage to his time and dedication in the subculture. Check it out here if you haven't already. I'll be posting more as time goes on too no doubt.

RIP Dock, original Montreal writer & King.


  1. Hi,
    What's the cause of its death?

    1. There has been no information concerning the cause of death.