Monday, June 11, 2012

Here & There: June 2012

Summer is in full swing and the streets are on fire. Lot's of activity out there. I've been cooling my heels and taking time with some family in town lately so I haven't been able to go through most of my new stuff. Here are some recent pics I've put together from the streets, TA wall and factory, Stinkys, and and just about anywhere else I've been traveling. Still getting those rooftops as much as possible but some access points are getting a little heavy to negotiate. In any case enjoy this hodgepodge of pics from various spots.

The upper TA Wall was buffed entirely again. I'm still not sure what kind of strategy this is for the city, or the MTQ to manage the area. There has also been an increased police presence in the area and I have heard of several incidents where the police either stopped or arrested writers in the area over the last month or so. The bottom section of the wall has been untouched. The buff only goes till the junction box area by the far pylons before you descend to the lower wall area. I've even seen a MTQ truck cruise through as I was entering last Friday. Again, I'm not too sure what the city or the MTQ is trying to accomplish here considering the last time they tried this strategy was August of 2009 when the entire upper and lower wall area was buffed, and that was largely unsuccessful. The lower wall and factory remain active.

Solid productions by Otek and Apash, as well as Oser and Fleo as of recent at the TA Wall. I'm also digging a lot of the action in the factory as of late. Lots of bright colors and funky styles. And speaking of access issues, check out this shot I got from the back of Sex Cite. I was about to check the spot to get some rooftop action but was stopped by a stair cage wrapped in razor wire! I've seen enough of this stuff in New York City, but not a lot here, if ever for that matter. Needless to say I didn't get up on the rooftop and can imagine that as long as the razor wire is hanging about this area that I won't anytime soon. I'm not even sure if this is legal in Montreal and have had difficulty locating any information on the city websites on the issue. If anyone knows then message me some details.

More soon, stay posted.

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  1. Love Montreal for its graffiti achievements! You have really good street art writers! Want to go there!