Friday, May 25, 2012

Fuck the Buff: TA Wall May 2012

So the new season of buff is well underway and the TA Wall area was not spared. Well, the top wasn't this year. It was the first time the city had buffed this area so heavily since August 2009 when both the upper and lower wall areas were completely greyed out. The frequency of the buff makes no sense really and all it does is leave fresh canvass for writers to come back. It took a whole 24 hours and and there were some throwies on the pylons and wall. I give it a month and the wall will be pretty much covered up again.  Here are some shots from the last bit since the buff or in and around that time. This first couple of shots are from a day or two after the buff.

There was a couple of good productions up there from Icon, Vowel, and Snob as well as those nice chromes from Koal, Meor, and Opek. A week after the buff there was plenty up on the wall and more to come soon no doubt. The lower wall was untouched by buff and is still pretty active. Most notably was that burner from Maniks, great piece and execution.

The factory had some nice stuff in it too, the boys from DHS and 203 rolled through and did a couple of productions on the main floor. Otek and Phare killed it with that monster roller at the end of the factory though. Great stuff. More soon.

Stay posted.

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