Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Starz @Greenlight May 4 2012

I attended the 5 Starz exhibition at the new Greenlight Gallery at 3878 St. Laurent last Friday to check out some work by Fluke, Stack, Axe, and Ether and see what this new shop had to offer. Nestled in the heart of the Plateau, right across the street from the infamous Schwatrz's and Coco Rico this gallery/shop is the place to go for papers, pipes, bongs, and paint. I have never seen so many bongs amassed in one place like this spot. It's crazy. You could spend a whole lot of time checking out the selection of pipes and bongs. The paint and assessory selection is pretty solid too. The other side of the gallery is a one stop graffiti shop.

The night was pretty banging with fresh beats and beers to go around. The shop has excellent floor space to hold a good number of people and the walls provide for ample space for canvasses and other works. I think my favorite piece of the night was Stack's "They Live" Zombie Reagan, although Ether had a nice 2D3D combo piece that was close runner up.  Fluke had some prints of his body painting works -including a couple shot by Danny Girl -that he has done over the last while. Stack had a couple of other pieces up and Axe put in some of his character driven pieces to round off the exhibit. There was also a Five8 piece up behind the cash and I'm pretty sure I saw a Nixon piece floating around at one point.

The evening was full of so much conversation and foolery that I didn't even get that many shots of the works. I was too busy getting shit faced and snapping the show and shop. Go check out the shop to see the art in full, but especially to check out what they got in there. I'm not an aficionado of bongs or anything but I can tell you that they got some pretty unique pieces in there, besides the pipes, papers, magazines, paint and everything else.

Cheers to everyone there that night, Maysr and the Greenlight crew for putting on the event and evening. I'm sure this is the first of many shows and parties to come. You can find out more at thrir facebook page here.

Stay posted. Lots soon.

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