Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss Teri @ SubV April 6 2012

Last Friday I passed through Boutique SubV to check out the latest artistic endeavors by the very talented Miss Teri.  She had a number of pieces up ranging in size, composition, style, and form, displaying her capacity to work using a number of mediums and a variety of materials. It was a great show, lots of folks passing through, chatting, and enjoying the art. I was pleased to see that she went big with her canvasses.  SubV can sometimes be a difficult spot to put a show up if you don’t have large pieces, something I’ve mentioned before, so it was nice to see that Miss Teri pulled it off quite nicely  not only by going big, but with the healthy mix of work that she had up in general.
 My favorite piece of the night was the large canvass depicting a classical looking woman getting tagged by a couple angels wielding some markers; the second angel is taking a digital pic of it all using his off hand.  It’s a piece that has a few layers and really brings to the forefront a touch of what I think Miss Teri seems to be doing in some of her art. She combines the classical body with a kind of contemporary attitude, creating pieces that exude personality and challenge the viewer's moral and aesthetic sensibilities.  In terms of her street art, she does this literally. The pics that she has up in the back corner of the shop are great examples depicting her classical characters in very contemporary urban settings. And I've taken a good number of pics of her stuff up and around TA to the same effect. Teri has a way of capturing the genuine character of the portrayals she both paints and draws. Her portraits and characters are realistic, the women are curvy and vivacious, and they have a natural beauty to them.  They emanate a peculiar uniqueness that can’t quite be replicated.  

There was also an awesome life-sized portrait of this gent hanging out by the front door of the shop getting play all night too. I didn't even pick up on it until I had completed my initial tour of the shop and was heading back to chill outside for a minute. It was definitely one of the more interesting pieces that Teri had in there for the show.  Honestly, a lot of what she has up on this show really nice and definitely something that any art lover should check out.  Her work will be available for viewing and purchase at SubV for the remainder of the month. You can get store hours and information on SuBvs main site here.

I’ve been on break a little since my show at Sino Shop a couple weeks back. Much love to all who attended checked it out since, and to those who have purchased. Thanks for all the interest and support. I’ll have a post up soon of all the shots from the show, prints are available upon request.  
More to come soon. Stay posted.