Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heros de ton enface: Fonkee @Boutique Panache

I went out to go see the Fonkee show "Heros de ton enface" at Boutique Panache on St. Denis this past Friday. It was a great show with a nice mix of work displaying his range of ability from drawing, photography, and canvass work. There were a good number of pieces up of a variety of sizes and color and the chill atmosphere of the boutique made for a nice venue. I thought that this was a solid show, the place was packed, good beats and conversations, and the alcohol was flowing.

The main attraction of the expo was a series of five spray painted canvasses of child hood heroes: Pele, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Diego Maradona, and Dylan 'Jays' Ford. Iconic figures that have inspired and challenged Fonkee to improve as a writer, artist, and person. Each portrait was painted in black and white spray paint with colored backgrounds except for Dylan Ford's that was completed in full color. Legal contributed some handstyles in the background that really made the portrait a solid centerpiece for the series and the exhibit.

He was also selling some of his new t-shirts that you can pick up at the boutique too. Here's a video of them being made. I didn't get a tonne of pictures but here are the rest of what I got. It was a great show and party, the pieces will be up for the remainder of the month. Stop on through Boutique Panache at 3933 rue Saint Denis to check out everything in the flesh and see the boutique's wares. I'll be dropping big posts soon.

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