Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TA Wall & Factory Jan 2012

Although it wasn't my first mission to the wall and factory this year, I thought that I would get at least some pics up of the spot. These are from last Friday. I finished up at work and decided to pass through the area. I didn't have my regular gear on me, just this new Nikon digital I picked up over the holidays. It's a bit of a throw back to when I first started out with my little Olympus digital (ahhh the memories...). I much prefer my T1i, naturally, but this little digital certainly got the job done. So forgive me if some of the shots are crystal clear. The battery died on me shortly after getting into the factory but I was able to squeeze out about thirty or so solid pics, including a couple of pans.

I love the factory during the winter, snow drifts pile up under the broken in sky lights, paint cans, bricks, and other refuse are half solidified in the iced up floors, and giant deformed stalactites of ice grow from the squared water drainage holes from the ceiling. This place feels the most like a sanctuary during the winter months, insulated from the cold winds and precipitation outside the factory provides a relatively safe and quiet spot to paint. The frozen state of the flooring keeps the cans and other trash from being kicked about and making any noise whatsoever leaving you with only the sound of crunching snow and ice beneath your feet as your navigate the interior.

Hope you enjoyed these latest shots, I got more coming so stay posted.

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