Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rooftop Edition: Vol 2

I got the chance to flick a few more rooftops at the beginning of the month. I wanted to lock down a couple of spots along St Caths, particularly above Sex Cite and Super Sex. I was able to get up above Super Sex, but the rooftop above Sex Cite required a little more foot work and the shitty boots, wind, and ice didn't make for the best combination for a rooftop escapade. In any case I think I got me some pretty solid shots of the area. The last time I went up was easily a few years ago so it was nice to get re-aquainted with that upper part of the city.

Again, these are shots only from a few select locations in and around St Caths and St Laurent. I know there are plenty of spots out there, and believe me, I'll get to them in time. And when I do I will most definitely be posting them up here. I tossed in a couple from TA too, for the RIPs to Mitch and Dylan. And some of these aren't really rooftops, but they are close enough, high up at the top of stairwells and such. Regardless, if it's high up there, it's gonna get represented.

Lots of nice stuff up there too, some of it going back easily a few years. There were some shots I wasn't able to fit into the last rooftop post so I threw them into the mix here  which is why some of these shots look from a few months back. These are some great spots with cool views of the city and streets too. Here are the rest of my most recent rooftop shots.

I got some juicy stuff from the streets and some goodies from the vault to let out so stay posted. I also attended the Monk-e exhibit at Sino Shop on Friday night so I'll be posting on that shortly.

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