Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Shout outs

Well its a new year and big things are ahead. 2011 was a great year full of interesting missions, expos, parties, and events. I didn't get to post as much as I would have liked, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't busy. There were a number of shows and events that I attended and covered but I didn't post on and by the time I got around to putting something together it was a little late or I was facing a pile of work that needed my immediate attention. In any case, I'm going to try to be more up to date and current on my posting for 2012 as well as stepping up the frequency of my posts in general.

I want to shout out to everyone I have worked with this past year and to those I still have to follow up with. To all the writers I've bumped into, met, chilled and chatted with, accompanied on missions, partied and cracked brew with. Big ups to AShop and TA Crew for the opportunity to work and be a part of Under Pressure and Can You Rock this year. It was an awesome experience and I hope to continue being a part of these events, sharing in the continued success for the many years to come. Fluke and his crew looked after Can You Rock this past year and were gracious enough to give up a couple of walls to let me show off some of my photography at the pre-party and the ALL the folks from Under Pressure let me be a part of the ongoing event space at Fresh Paint Gallery. Besides being amazing opportunities it was an honor to share the walls with such talented local artists and those from abroad.

ArtTV will be dropping a television series this year about the graff subculture in which I participated as an interviewee and contributed some of my photography. It's set to be released sometime towards May of this year so be on the look out for it. Much thanks to the folks at ECP for including me in it and for their continued support in my work. It's the first contribution I have made for a project like this so I'm pretty hyped to see the finished product and what future collaborations we can do together. They just dropped the trailer for the series here so check it out!

There's a lot of stuff I'm trying to get my head around in terms of projects and ideas for my future research, the blog, and photography. I'm trying to keep myself organized and grounded so hopefully bigger things will come out of this year. If I can get my ass in gear I'll be adding some new themed posts as well and picking back up the 'Piece of the Week' thread of posts too.

So cheers again to everyone who continues to support the blog and my collective work. I appreciate every bit feedback, criticism, and follow up. I'll be posting on my trip to see the Big Bang exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from the end of december today or tomorrow as well as some fresh paint from the streets soon enough so keep an eye out for that. Great stuff going on in there -still on going -until the 22nd of this month so do  yourself a favor and check it out. I'll have my pics up soon.

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