Monday, January 23, 2012

Doors: Best of 2011

Bombed out doors have such an allure. They're soaked from top to bottom, dripping letters, screwy characters, dirty, messy, and most smell like a hobo used it for an ass wipe. But they got such appeal. I've always enjoyed snapping shots of doors wherever I go and on a good day I'll end up with fifty or more of them to add to my ever growing collection. I've amassed a good number over the last year and figured that they deserved a post for all their glory. Here are my some of my best doors from 2011 in all their filth and grime.

And it's not just straight up doors either, I'll find doors in all shapes and sizes, most on their hinges, and others not. Like these doors out of the TA Factory or other abandoned spots. Some have messages, while others are just left to rot. Regardless, they make for some interesting pictures or perspectives. Oddly this is the only non straight shot I came across while tearing through the vault...oh well, more to some in future posts I guess. Here are some more doors, some of which I put into 3 to 5 door pans to make it easier to post.

When I stopped through Toronto last March I got a few doors from the area that I never posted. It was only a dozen or so shots but I figured if they belonged anywhere it was this post. Toronto doors are just as soaked as those found in Montreal and I'm sure there are plenty more to be found. I'll be going back this year for sure at some point to mission and hopefully get a couple of solid hook ups to get the true grit of Toronto streets.

Here are the rest of the best doors I flicked from Montreal streets 2011. And keep in mind this isn't everything, but rather the best of what I find while out on missions throughout the year. These doors come from downtown, St Henri, Rosemont, Mile end and the Plateau, West Island, Cote St Paul, Point St Charles, Verdun, and anywhere else I can get to. As I am always trying to expand I hope to have bigger, badder, and filthier doors in 2012.

Rooftop edition Vol 2, streets, and updates to come soon. Stay posted.

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