Thursday, December 15, 2011

Neuf is Enough: Sino Shop Dec 3 2011

I got a special invite to attend 'Neuf is Enough' at Sino Shop on the 3rd of December that featured canvasses by nine of Montreal's finest: FOne, Zek, Stare, Fluke, Nixon, Tchug, Scan, Five8, Sino. Although there was only one canvass per artist the show was really a nice mix of style, form, and substance. Sino was gracious enough to provide drinks, food, and some good beats, along with the good company of all those in attendance, the evening was full of good conversations, great art to check out, finger foods, and Stella Artoise. 

In speaking with some of the artists it was really interesting to hear some of the techniques they used to complete their canvasses or why they used a particular style or form. Stare's piece looked like a printed Polaroid on canvass with his signature in marker on the corner. On closer inspection, however, you could tell that it wasn't that at all. In fact he had painstakingly hand painted the entire canvass (down to every little brink) including the signature that wasn't in marker at all, but in fact was hand painted to appear as such. Solid canvass and a reminder as to why he's one of the premier artists out there.

Zek's piece was awesome and honestly one of the few times (if not the first) that I have seen a work that does not include his letters. Zek is a Montreal staple of letter form and style, his signature letters are regarded as some of the best in town and he's got years of experience to back it up. This piece featured a miner's skull in the forefront of an industrial design that had some wicked color fades and smoke trails. What sucks is that I didn't get a full shot of the piece, just a close up of the detail but if you stop by the shop you can get it in all it's glory. Although this piece was a break from what we nornally see from him, being 'sans lettres', it was finely executed and served a harsh reminder that Zek has got game on all fronts.

Fluke, Five8, FOne, Tchug, Scan, and Sino all had great signature pieces up with tight style and form. Nixon's piece was unmistakably his with a myriad of funky characters surrounding a snow remover. I love the organic feel that all of his pieces have, street or gallery. Five8 has been kicking out some solid portraits over the last while and this one was great addition with a nice multi-colored blend. You can view more of his work on his flikr here. All these guys put some hard work into their pieces, and it showed. I didn't get to talk to everyone about their pieces but just a look shows you the effort and skill they put into each of their works.

You can check out Sino shop here for info on the artists and contact info or you can contact Ashop here for the same info. 

All in all a great night or food, drink, art, and conversation with some good company. Thanks for having me along. Stay posted. Big updates coming as soon as I get out from under the pile of work that's been bogging me down. Check out the rest of these shots from the night, additional photos provided by Katrine Couvrette who got some great shots of the evening too.

Stay posted.  

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