Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rooftop Edition Vol. 1

Montreal's got some heavy rooftop action going on all over the place: big rollers and lean overs, flops and pieces in the craziest of places, and lots of bombed out walls high above the streets. Residential, commercial it doesn't matter, if it's a good spot, sooner or later its going to get hit up. I see these rooftops every day I walk around getting whatever it is I need to get done and it nags and nags and nags at me to get pics. So I finally got my ass in gear and started working rooftops a little more often towards the end of the summer. Not like I didn't before, just not to this degree.

Although I'm not getting every rooftop I've wanted up until now, I think I've got a few nice ones thus far. And I know there are far better choice spots for me to find, no worries, I've been casing out areas, hunting down the spots, I'll get them sooner or later. And when I do, I'll be showcasing them here.  And man do I love these spots. There could be graff all over the rooftop, discarded construction materials, lawn furniture, empty beer bottles and cans, left over paint cans and other impliments; bombed out from end to end, on every air conditioner, vent, and whatever else might be lying around. Or it's just a small part of the larger skyline, dusk or dawn, midday or midnight. In any case there are always great shots to be taken, and rooftop missions are always fun.

Some of these shots aren't even on rooftops, just spots high up there. I decided to toss in flicks I've taken on some of my not so successful missions to get to rooftops but deliver some pretty nice high up alley way shots from fire escapes and the such. Although not rooftops they are definitely high above the regular streets so I figured they belonged here and should be given honorable mention along with these other spots.

There are plenty of spots that I haven't hit up yet. Some great one's along St Caths and in the Plateau, and plenty more I am yet to discover. And a personal shout out to Verse and Vibo for killing it lately, they've been getting up everywhere. As you can see off this post they are well represented. And there are some serious spots by Castro, Sake, Bank, Serak and others I am yet to get under my belt too. It's just a matter of negotiating a few obstacles, but once I get by them, you can bet that I'll be adding those to my collection.


Well hope this makes for a nice opening rooftops post, sorry to those I was unable to tag in the post as it was a bit of a heavy one. More to come soon.

Stay posted.

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