Monday, October 31, 2011

Funk Show @ SubV Oct 28 2011

It's been a year since the tragic deaths of Jays, Aber, and Ricardo and there are a lot of people still feeling it out there. Tomorrow people are going to see a lot of RIPs up throughout the island as many will no doubt be on the streets paying homage to their fallen comrades. RIPs have been going up all year really, shout outs off of pieces, even throw ups and pieces from others here and there. At SubV hosted the Funk crew for a show that was partly a commemoration for their friends and partly to showcase some of their other works (and those of other Funk crew members), photos, and memories. It was a nice show, lots of stuff up on the walls, and some live body painting. There were some original Jays pieces, and some great photos of memorable moments he had with some of his friends and crew members. Even some family passes through and they seemed pleased with the show ans set up too. I was able to test out the new lens and it worked well, here are some shots from the show.

As well, there are Jays t-shirts for sale at SubV, for those of you interested, with the proceeds going to the Dylan Ford Scholarship Fund. I'm not sure where the proceeds for the sale of anything original by Jays or Aber goes too, but if you are interested you can inquire here at SubV. And if you are interested in purchasing anything I'm sure that all the art will be up at SubV for the month. So call or drop by the shop to inquire.

And remember to be safe out there this week.

Stay posted. Rooftop Edition vol. 1 this week and more.

 RIP Jays, Aber, and Ricardo. You are not forgotten.

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