Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Piece of the Week: KidPQ, Beast, & Quidam

I've was out of town for a little bit so I wasn't able to update for piece of the week until now. Considering I missed a couple of weeks I decided that I'd put up one of the nicest productions I came across recently. Well, the first week of July, which means I have another piece of the week to drop soon too. Anyway, this prod by KidPQ, Beast, and Quidam was put up about a week or so ago and really caught my eye. I really liked the way KidPQ pulled off a nice reversal of his letters, Quidam took up the opposite side with a solid set of his own, and Beast brought the whole thing together with a nicely done clown-like character.

I really liked the color scheme, lettering, and the addition of the character that hooked the production together. These guys did a great job in using the entire wall space and the background did well to bring the pieces to the forefront. Even though the lettering for both pieces are not the same, this production still holds its own symmetry and comes across as genuinely appealing.

I'll have more up from TA soon and some stuff from the Rosemont area soon too.

Stay posted.

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