Monday, July 25, 2011

Piece of the Week: Aper, Bank, Castro

While passing through Cote-St-Paul this weekend on a flick mission I came across this solid blockbuster on top of one of the old industrial buildings in the area. Not generally the most accessible of spots and certainly a mission that demanded a lot of the writers who did it.

These guys have been regulating the rooftops in this area for years so it was a pleasure to see them tackling this one. This blockbuster was pretty expansive and easily a few stories high so points to them for pulling it off. My only issue is the Manr at the left end of it. I`m not knocking Manr for the spot or the letters or anything, just that it seems off from the rest of the letters for the blockbuster. I`m not even sure if I saw it up there prior to this flick, which is why he`s not credited, and props to him for getting up there too, but l think it would have looked much nicer bigger and more in line with the others. Regardless, this definitely made my afternoon for flicks and deserves a spot in my weekly updates.

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