Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piece of the Week: Killa-EF

In my day-to-day I flick a lot of nice stuff on the streets and elsewhere. I take so many pics that I often do not get the chance to fully appreciate some of the nicer more finely produced pieces that I come across. So I'm going to make a point of it to post at least one piece a week, the piece that strikes me as the best of the best that I've come across that particular week I'm out there flickin' and stuff. It may not always be the best looking or designed, and it'll be to my subjective taste and what I find interesting, but I'll post it for what it's worth.

This week, well, actually last week, I stopped off at the TA Wall and came across this kick ass piece by Killa-EF. Besides the fact that EF has premium can control and some really dope hand styles, this piece stood out for those added details, and just enough to not make it too busy either. Keeping it simple, EF only used one color with the black background that really brought the focus on his practiced hand styles. Truly an 'efect' rather than a fill in. Great Piece EF.

More soon, stay posted.

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