Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Piece of the Week: ILTONE

Besides snaking through alleyways on the streets, I've been spending a lot of time at the TA Wall and Factory over the last week. So forgive me if I missed out on some burners out there that might have made their way to this weeks post or would've been up for the vote. Shout outs to all who I bumped into or met too, the wall and factory have been pretty active lately. I met up with some folks from O-town in the factory a few days ago -Cens, Snikr, and Il Tone painting with a couple locals. One piece definitely stood out as being top shelf: Il Tone. He and Mos were painting a nice collab on the second floor while Cens and Snikr were working on the opposite wall. Barfo was painting another inside wall in between.

Although I can imagine that this thread of updates will be mostly Montreal based writers, this gent went above an beyond on this piece and I have to give credit where it's deserved. And that wall wouldn't be as fresh as it was without the adjoining piece by Mos, which was also really tight. I genuinely liked this piece, multiple colors, nice fades and flow of the letters, and of course the multi-color outline.

Big updates coming. Stay posted.

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