Friday, June 24, 2011

Gnar Down: Urban Ambush Yard June 18 2011

I had the distinct pleasure of stopping by Urban Ambush Yard in the Griff again this past weekend to attend the opening of the pipe for the summer. The weather was perfect, some great beats and music were playing, there was a bbq on demand, and a full compliment of skaters to shred the pipe up. I was hoping to get to come back to Barry's to really get a taste of this spot in full motion, and this was definitely the day to do it.

It was packed full of folks through out the afternoon chilling on the monster patio connecting to the pipe and checking the action. There were lots of great skaters taking part getting some pretty big air and pulling off a whole bunch of shit I don't even have the appreciation to describe properly. I also tried putting together a couple of action frames of Dave Boots and Kevin Cann. Not too sure if they came out that great, but they're posted. Check these photos I took from the day and the event.

Dave Boots landing a successful roll into the pipe.

I finally got Kevin pulling off that air he was working on for a bit. He nailed it a few times but I kept missing him. And in retrospect maybe this sequence should be going the other way... 


Cheers to Barry and the crew for letting me shoot the event and sharpen my camera skills for this type of action. Most of the time I'm out shooting graff in back alleys and abandoned buldings so this was a fresh break from that. I can't wait till I stop by next time. You can also can check a sick Push video of the days skating here. A real solid compilation of some of the best stuff going down that afternoon.

I'll be posting again soon as I have some more May-June shots to go through. And I've been archiving the monstrous amount of shots I've massed up over the years and will be getting around to some posts from the vault too.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

May-June 2011 update

Been too long since I've been dropping regular updates. But I'm back on track now so here's a general update from just about anywhere I was between May and June: TA Wall & Factory, St. Henri, some general streets, Rouen area, and wherever else. This is just a general update, but I'll be dropping flicks from all the regular spots (and a couple new ones) over the next couple of weeks. And it's not a monster update either, just about 50 shots. The summer weather is in full swing now and the streets are starting to get lit up, lots of nice stuff out there. I've also been experimenting with my new wide angle macro lens combo thingy and its awesome. So without further ado, here are some shots from here and there over the last couple.

Castro regulating the Lionel Groulx spot
There was a dude camped out in the Factory for the better part of the last month and I dunno, something must have happened as his whole spot -tent and all was burned right out. Hope dude and his cat made it out alright.
Killa Ef dropped another finely executed piece the week following that last one I posted. Always a pleasure to see.
Bumped into these guys working on a production in the Factory, came out pretty nice even though the color scheme switches up on the last two pieces.
A nice fresh piece by Mersh.
A solid production by Smak and Sewk.
Respect to Germ for reaching out to his dad for a father's day piece. 

Like I said, not the biggest of all updates, and certainly a lot more going on lately to post. I also got some great flicks from Gnar-Down from this past weekend. I'll drop that in the next day or two. Till then, stay posted.