Friday, March 25, 2011

Streets in Memory: November 2010

If the Montreal streets were any indication of how writers were feeling about the loss of Jays, Aber, and Ricardo in Turcot, then people were pretty choked up and hurting last November. Many still are. Through out the month I was amassing quite the number of RIPs and shout outs to these guys from all over the island. I even have a bunch from December when I finally got my ass over to the Viau wall and from everywhere else. It was the largest response I'd seen in a long time to the death of someone from the local subculture. You can still see RIPs to Zuel & Trop (and I was not covering the scene as much when they passed I believe). And recently I've flicked some for Kill6, a young writer who passed recently as well. There was also the RIPs and murals put up for Joe BG a couple of years back after he died in a house fire. RIPs for Jays & Aber though have so numerous that I had to partition off a segment for November just to cover what I got, and I definitely missed a bunch out there.

Well, here they are, some of them reposted just to have them all in one spot. Some of these are just stuff they both did too, not RIPs, but I figured they had a place here anyway.

I also have a bunch of shots from December and a few from the beginning of the year. A huge long wall from Viau that I'm sure I've already seen posted on 12 oz. too but I'll post my pics from when I rolled through in December anyway. Till then keep posted, I also have a bunch of shots from Toronto from a few weeks ago that I'll be posting soon too.

RIP Jays & Aber.


  1. Saw a huge one on the side of the highway as I was going into MTL the first week after it happened. Choked me up and stopped me cold.

    I have a few flicks of Jays RIPs in Ottawa too. Sadness rolls...

  2. A photo essay dedicated to Jays on my flickr... thought you guys might enjoy.

  3. These are great pics, I have a pic of a big Jay Castro, check it out, it's in my blog