Monday, February 14, 2011

Turcot Sept 2010

I passed through Turcot on the day of Can You Rock and then a couple of weeks following that. Besides just walking and checking the area to see what was new, I really wanted to capture the feel of this spot. I've been coming to Turcot for years, but in the last couple I haven't had the opportunity to visit as much as I would like. For one, ever since the MTQ took over and installed the fence line around the perimeter and hired security to keep trespassers out so that hasn't made it easy. And secondly, because of these added security features writers haven't frequented the area as much either. But that doesn't keep everyone out.

For years I had been shooting pics with my old pocket digital and not my present DSLR. With a little camera like that it's a pretty straight forward "point and shoot" mentality. Only since I got my Canon T1i have I started to expand my sense of capturing an area and not just the graffiti or street art. I still kick myself for no having taken pan shots of Turcot or at the very least shots that take in the area rather than just the paint on the walls. Last September though, I decided that I would start to get those kind of shots.

Sadly though, the main yards have all been shut down with all the construction and security crews lurking about. A couple of times in October and November I was chased down by security after they had either spotted me or seen the flash going off at some point. I made clever getaways each time, but getting anything solid of the interior main yard area under the Decarie Expressway isn't going to happen. At least not yet. Even then, there isn't anything up in that area, it's all buffed, and I don't think that there is anything worth paying attention to, or at least I haven't seen anything up until now.  Somebody tried to start some letters off of one of the pylons using the scaffolding but its incomplete. Most likely whoever it was got made and had to split.

Out of all the spots that I take pics at, this tunnel has to be one of the more interesting and enjoyable for me to check out when I get the chance. On a nice winter day when you have the wind at your back and you're passing through this area there is a calm stillness in the air, the kind that you just like to enjoy and take in. I've mentioned that in all the stillness and quiet abandon I feel like these areas are like sanctuaries to me. Not like they are safe places to be, more like a sanctuary for other voices, or a place that protects the memories of the community to some extent.

Although I may talk a good game about how great this spot is, don't take my posts or interest in the graffiti scene in general as some kind of promotion to go and get yourself in trouble here. It's not a safe place to be in relation to other spots. It's guarded by security and has been fenced off by the MTQ for good reason. It's a train tunnel in an otherwise dilapidated and crumbling highway exchange system. I've already had my close encounters in this tunnel and in the yards in general. Besides the tragic events that took place last Halloween this place can be a danger to anyone walking its environs. If you're a regular at this place then all the best to you, you're coming here on your own volition and know the risks. If your not then enjoy the pictures and my write up. If you decide to come to this spot then you do so at your own risk. If you are going though, be double safe, check twice in any direction, and make sure you have some one with you to watch your back as you would theirs.

Enjoy these shots for now. I`m going to try to put out some summary posts for October and November in an effort to catch up and get ahead of the game. Until then stay safe and stay posted.

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  1. great place for graf. but unfortunately this spot now leaves with us a sour taste knowing that jays and 2 others left there lifes at this spot. RIP