Friday, February 11, 2011

TA Wall & Factory Sept 2010

September was a busy month. I still managed to get a run or two on the TA area to catch up on some the action going on. Construction crews and equipment were still dominating the upper wall area so not much, if anything at all, had changed there. Crews had also started moving their equipment and supplies to the top of the lower wall taking up most of the area there too. For the rest of the next couple of months or so the presence of these crews would continue to keep the walls of TA pretty quiet.

There was a good stretch of wall still running on the lower side and the pillars were all sites of tags and throwies, and some artistic pieces. So it wasn't all hushed up that's for sure. Just not as busy. More activity was seen in the factory over this period. With the fall vibe in full gear it's spots like these that bring writers out for those afternoon paint and chill sessions. So some nice stuff goes up and if I can I get it. Sometimes I bump into a few of you out there and I get it fresh, which is even better. There was a lot of nice stuff that got up in there over the course of the month and some of it that was still running. So, hopefully I captured an adequate glimpse of this spot from September for you to see.

Here's what I got. I'll wrap up the September *updates with some nice shots from Turcot next.

Stay posted.

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