Monday, February 7, 2011

The Streets Sept 2010

Here are some random shots from the streets I took in Montreal from September 2010. I always got my camera on me while trekking from place to place in the city. There is always something new to flick whether I'm on the way to the gym after work or coming out of a party on St. Laurent somewhere.

I also had the chance to check that Bosny show at SubV on Friday the 4th. Again, it was a show with small pieces high up on the walls so not much for shots, but he's got some skills for portraits that for sure and he had a few color pieces up to. I'll post that along with my crazy shots from the Sohoe/Getso show that I ducked into for a minute later that night. That show had some seriously dope work up on the walls, and a lot of it. But the place was a 5 alarm fire of a party by the time I got there so it was a mega challenge to just make my way around to check the work and sneak some flicks. And it was hot as a motherfucker in there. I'll post all that in the next couple of days.

Check these shots for now, I got TA, Turcot and CBR posting this week.


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