Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show Some Respect Son! CBR Sept 2010

CBR is an old spot. It's been around way longer than I've been looking at graffiti that's for sure, going back to the 90's. I always enjoy stopping off to grab a few shots when I'm in the area and to see who's been around. The ambient glare from the canal water that it runs along lends some great lighting and the constant drum of vehicle tires above give this spot a sort of heartbeat. Scattered remains of aerosol cans, rollers, used gloves, and paint pans dot the muddy landscape in makeshift piles. It doesn't really smell nice, not as bad as some places, but still a little funky. Dirty and messy, CBR is still one of the longest running spots around. I took a couple of passes throughout September and got a few good flicks. As always, lots of cross outs and messy stuff.

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