Friday, February 4, 2011

Cote-St Paul: Sept 2010

Cote St Paul (CSP) is that dead zone stuffed in between Verdun and St. Henri tangled in the tentacles of the Turcot interchange. Mostly abandoned and desolate, save for a few businesses and storage areas, this drab stretch of industrial waste land is also a major cross roads to some long running spots like CBR and Stinky's. Recently it has also become the new home for an annual graffiti jam: Can You Rock? (formerly Meeting of Styles) that has a solid spot on Cabot Street. If you missed out on the last jam then you can check my posts here and there.

And the area is drenched in tags and throwies from end to end. You could spend enough time out of your day trekking around CSP and all it has to offer. I've been going through this area pretty regularly since 2003 and have always enjoyed the little sanctuaries that I find, especially CBR. Yeah, I know its a bombing spot with nothing really pretty in it on the usual but its got character and its one of the longest running spots for bombing around that I know of.

Here are my shots from Sept 2010, again forgive the late posting, I'm catching up. I'll have Stuff from TA, Turcot, and the streets up soon.

 Bosny show tonight at SubV and a Sohoe/Getso show. More soon so stay posted.

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