Tuesday, February 22, 2011

October Update: The Streets, Stinky's, TA, Griffintown, and more

For the most part, October was a nice month of flic missions and graff. The fall air was in full gear and the early evening skies were alight with oranges, yellows and reds. The winter chill still hadn't kicked in and the sun was still up till about 7 pm at night so there was plenty of time to hunt for shots still and explore some familiar haunts. The nights still dropped to close to zero towards the end of the month but besides some steamy breathe and a bit of a breeze, the streets were still pretty active.

I decided to compile the best of what I got over the course of the month instead of dropping four or five separate posts. I don't know if I'll so the same for November as I revisited Turcot, Rouen, and a few other spots that I'd like to shine a special light on. Even though I scrutinized a lot of my shots for this post there's still a bunch I threw in. From the streets to Stinky's to TA to Griffintown and everything in between, I impart some of my shiniest gems for your viewing pleasure. Even though I'm out in the streets & pounding pavement on the regular, I'm always finding something new to take a shot of, fresh or not, in my face or tucked away in an alleyway somewhere.

The TA wall area was pretty quiet as the construction crews had all but taken over with their equipment and hardware. Except for a few small spots along either the upper or lower walls, most stuff, if anything, was on the pillars. And all the construction vehicles and equipment too, of course. I was able to snap a few shots of the wall area and a few more from inside the factory a couple of times while passing through. I got some great shots from the roof at one point later into the month just at dusk. The factory seemed to be the site of anything new going up although I did like some of the stuff up around the wall area.


Stinky's has also been pretty quiet in the last while. Ever since the courtyard was closed up with metal sheeting it's slowly gone silent. There are still pieces, rollers, and tags that go up, but they are far and in between. if you look hard enough though you can find yourself some old gems going back a few years.  It's a shame that I didn't get into this spot until around 2005 as I am sure that, like many other places I frequent, that there was a wealth of history and graff before then. I stopped off once or twice to catch some updates and to grab some general pan shots. Even though this spot is a lot quieter than it used to be I still enjoy rolling through the tall grass and scrap pieces lying about and checking what's been going on. 

I got a good walk through of Griffintown and the surrounding area late into the month. I ended up at this old silo spot just off of Wellington that had been fenced up sometime ago. Seeing there was graffiti, I took my camera in to get a peek. There was no way I was going to get into this place as it had been thouroughly barred up. So I just got some pics of what I could and continued on. Although it was a small little corner in the depths of the Griffintown area, it had great appeal. There was a nice jam wall along Wellington as well that had some solid pieces too. Besides that, it was just nice to be out taking in the autumn air along and around the canal.

The final spot that I checked out was CN Wellington and the old swing bridge along the water. I'd seen this spot for a while but it was never really accessible to me before recent as the doorway is normally sealed and bolted. Someone had taken the time to open it up so this time around I got in and got some shots. It was a nice end to a month of great flic missions. I'd end up coming back here in November and December with an external flash -I'll post those pics soon enough.

November pics and write ups will be up as soon as I can get to them. Till then, stay posted.