Monday, January 24, 2011

TA Wall and Factory Aug 2010

Yeah, I know, lots of catching up to do. To everyone who's reached out over the last while much thanks. And to those who follow and keep up with the blog, you got my appreciation and thanks as well. So, I've been sitting on waaaay too much stuff for too long, just been busy in life and making too much work for myself by going out on daily flick missions. So here's my attempt to make up for the last few months. Love it or leave it.

I go by TA pretty much every week. Throughout August to November last year there was a lot of nice stuff put up during that time, even with the construction going on. Not much at the upper wall area, but the lower wall and factory had some action.

Here's my "update" from August 2010. Super late.

I'll drop September though December shots in the next few days. And of course updates from everywhere else.

Big updates on the way so keep posted!

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