Friday, January 14, 2011

Nose Expo SubV

The Nose expo last Friday (Jan 8th) at Boutique SubV was unfortunately not the show I was hoping for, but it wasn't for the reasons you would think. The spot was good (as always) and the art that was up was pretty dope, but apparently Nose was stopped at the border and unable to make an appearance or bring some of his larger canvasses to compliment his other smaller works that I'm assuming he sent ahead of time.

But...the show must go on as they say. The expo got a marginal pull of folks throughout the night and by about 9 pmish we were all chilling over some beers and stuff, sharing opinions over pieces, books, toys and whatever else. But that's how these expos work: the art is always nice to look at but the art of chilling takes over after a bit and you find yourself knee deep in mooks and ready to cause trouble.

The lack of canvasses certainly had me worried at first and the ones that were up were pretty small, however, after taking a hard look at what was up I was definitely impressed. His characters are colorful and seemingly at play on each canvass, bordering on the bizarre, pulling you into the surreal world of toons and goons. The pieces also had a certain texture to them, like they kind of jumped out of the frame at you -one of them even looked like actual snake scales (check the first pic posted, it might not do it justice but it looked like real snake back there). I can imagine that his larger works would be even more engaging or involved multiple characters and interactive scenes. Nose also has a line of toys out -after his characters no doubt, but these too, unfortunately, were not present as he was supposed to bring them along with his other works. Again, I can only imagine that they too would be an interesting view and would most certainly have been a fine addition to the already massive specialty toy selection that SubV currently has to offer.

So it wasn't the greatest show, for the reasons already explained, but the works that he had up were really well done. And if your interested in checking out more of his stuff you can check his flickr here (as already previously posted) or hit the guys up at SubV if your interested in purchasing something from the show. Hopefully the next expo that Nose has in Montreal will be more successful and we'll have the chance to see more of his work. For now, check these few shots I got of what was up. I kinds flaked on the event photos but as I said it kinda turned into a Saturday night chiller hanging with the mooks.

Here are my flicks. Sorry if a couple are a little blurred as they are cropped from larger shots. As I said the pieces were smaller and so direct close ups were not an option. In any case enjoy these if you can. Better yet, stop by SubV and check them for yourself at 5666 Sherbrooke Street Ouest.

SubV facebook is here if you're looking to link up and get updates on upcoming events, store sales, and hours. And SubV is always looking for art to show for expo's or otherwise so if you got something to put up give them a shout and work it out. And you can check the SubV blog here too.

 Sorry for the lack of general updates, but rest assured I'll have more from the local scene soon.

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