Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rouen: Aug 2010

Well I guess I was a little busier than I thought in August! I took a day to wander in and about the Rouen area from Frontenac metro late that month. The legal wall, or tunnel rather, on Rouen was granted such status a couple of years back. Information on legal walls is not easily come by. You can find it at Rouen and Moreau from Prefontaine Metro, or if you're up for the 15 minute walk then get off at Frontenac. There are a few legal walls in and around Montreal that I know about, and probably a few more I don't. This legal area gets some good action though and is in a pretty high traffic spot so there is usually something new on the regular.

At the time I stopped by there were a few writers hitting up one side of the tunnel. The other had some nice stuff up by Scien, Klor, Zek, Shadow, and a few others.

There were some really nice productions and pieces up in and around the tunnel area a street off by Bacon, Scan, Zek, Stare, Smak, Sewk, Sage, Nixon and Axe.

Along the tracks above I came across another bridge and wall area with a bunch of stuff up, and a few sites along the way.

These bridge spots are always awesome. Cool shade from the sun when you've been trekking all day, the hum of overhead traffic, the occasional vagrant, and a place to sit your ass down to enjoy a good 'ol Pabst or two. Sanctuary. The bridge area was nice enough on the graffiti side of things but the side walls along the track line going back down towards Rouen were even better. Lots of nice stuff and the area really lent itself to some nice shots with the light. Enjoy these shots. I have some from this winter that will eventually be posted too.

September soon! Stay posted.