Monday, November 29, 2010

Some more stuff from the last few months...

As promised, here's some more stuff from the last while (last few months) that I have been sittin' on. Mostly street painting as the local spots I frequent will have individual updates instead of being mixed in. Some good hits from everyone in these posts too. I particularly like the Trife Life Prod from their spot in the Plateau at that parking lot. I got some old hits too like those by Teaser and Dino, a couple others in the last post too I think. I've been meaning to drop a door and sticker post too, just gotta put those together. Anyway, enjoy these flics for now. As always, more to come.

Real nice RIP To Jays here by Renak & Miss Teri. You'll be seeing more of those popping up in my posts in the near future I'm sure as RIPs are all over town still. I'll post as I find them. I'll drop some more flicks soon so stay posted.