Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laptop Explosion

Hey folks, sorry for the interruption in your regular programming but I've been bogged under a tonne of work and at home lately. Add to that my laptop melt down last night and you've got yourself one sweet bowl of "what the fuck?" Anyway, it'll take me a bit to get back on my feet. Hopefully the data on my hard drive isn't corrupted and I can retrieve the last while of flics, vids, and docs. Good news is that I've back up everything before March 2008, and I've got back ups spread over a bunch of cds and dvds for mid 2008-until present. Bad news is that if I cannot access the hard drive then I stand to lose a shit load of flics, like a year or worth. Not the end of the world but a serious hit nonetheless. I'll be posting more soon, and I'll keep y'all updated. Worst case I lose a bunch of flicks, but its not like I won't be back on the streets grabbing more.
Keep posted.
More soon.

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