Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chinatown, Old Port, MSK, and stuff in between

Hey folks, the laptop is still down and out but the good news is I haven't lost anything. It'll just take a little time to transfer all my pics and stuff. I got some good flics here from mid September when MSK was still in town for Can You Rock? and the tattoo convention. I knew last time Norm was in town he was running around with Sake bombing up the Old Port and the surrounding environs. So I figured if I was going to find anything by these cats that it would be in that general area. Although I didn't find much in the Old Port, I did bench some good flics from Chinatown. Also got some locals in the mix too. I've got more from MSK while they were in town but I just have to put it together. I'll throw some more in the next posts to come when I come across them.

I'm also going to be dropping more from the vault as I have plenty to share. Interviews, writers corner (featuring guest authors), writer and crew focus pieces are also going to be some upcoming features to the blog in the coming months. So keep posted for some fresh stuff from in and around the Montreal area. For now enjoy these shots.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laptop Explosion

Hey folks, sorry for the interruption in your regular programming but I've been bogged under a tonne of work and at home lately. Add to that my laptop melt down last night and you've got yourself one sweet bowl of "what the fuck?" Anyway, it'll take me a bit to get back on my feet. Hopefully the data on my hard drive isn't corrupted and I can retrieve the last while of flics, vids, and docs. Good news is that I've back up everything before March 2008, and I've got back ups spread over a bunch of cds and dvds for mid 2008-until present. Bad news is that if I cannot access the hard drive then I stand to lose a shit load of flics, like a year or worth. Not the end of the world but a serious hit nonetheless. I'll be posting more soon, and I'll keep y'all updated. Worst case I lose a bunch of flicks, but its not like I won't be back on the streets grabbing more.
Keep posted.
More soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Can You Rock?: Finished Walls

I finally got my camera back from Canon! I felt like I was missing a limb for the last while. Shout out to my boy Thom again for passing me his spare in the mean time so I could get some flicks. I'll be posting a tonne soon now that I'm done writing my thesis and can put some solid time on other things.

So I stopped by the Cabot Street spot a couple of weeks back to get all the walls. I really, really tried to make some solid pan shots of the walls end to end but for some reason or another the pics a re just slightly off making that impossible. I'll tinker with resizing them and stuff down the road and if they work out I'll post them then.

In my opinion, K6A killed it with their mad doctor and pills production. The finest crew prod that went up that day that stuck to its theme and turned out some solid pieces. I really enjoyed the WWF throwback done by Crazy Apes too. Others had some nice colabs going on too like Otek & Ensu, and a few writers from TFO - JKR - 156, KP10s, Astro, Scien, and lady Klor. MSK had a solid bottom running prod of pieces -no particular theme but the colors, style, and lettering was awesome. Finally OMB put together a nifty monsters prod in the back area too. All in all the event was a success and the quality of work was for the most part excellent. Can't wait to see what they got in store for next year.

Got some stuff from MSK still to post and tonnes of stuff from the streets, TA, CBR, Turcot and more.