Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TA Wall & Factory 2010 June-July 2010

Got some fresh pics from the TA wall and factory over the last month. Here are a few from mid June. Construction is still in full swing in the area so there isn't as much fresh paint as I'd hoped there would be, but all-in-all there were some nice pieces up.
I went back to the area on that Friday in July we had that ridiculously heavy rain storm. I was supposed to meet a couple of folks who were gonna be writing but the rain pretty much squashed that, so I decided i would take the time to explore a very wet and running factory. I'll post those pics soon, some seriously crazy scenes when that place is overflowing. Normally its like that in the spring thaw, this time was a little heavier than that through.
Beyond that some interesting pieces and stuff getting up on the wall and the factory. Some old cats getting up again around these parts too which is always good to see. Enjoy these pics for now. I'll have more soon.

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