Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bombe sur la Main: Friday May 28th 2010

I had the pleasure of stopping by to see some of the local graffiti talent piecing it up on the corner of St. Catherine's street and St. Laurent on Friday May 28th for the event "Bombe sur la Main", an graffiti jam and artistic homage to this once once bustling part of the red light district. Partnered by le Corporation de développement urbain du Faubourg Saint-Laurent et du Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles this day long event that ran from noon on until about midnight that same evening and involved a bunch of writers and artists from local crews and collectives such as K6A, TA, Crazy Apes Crew, Positive Créations, and La Paria. Included were artists Regimental Oneton and Chris Dyer as well as local writers and artists Arpi, DKae, Fleo, Tom Sidor, Zeck and Herezy, Peru and Cabin, Fluke, Axe, Serak, Kode, and Monk-e. Seaz and Zilon also painted a collaborative piece. Meant to be partly an homage to Cabaret Cleopatra's and the once existent businesses that graced this corner like the Montreal Pool Room, and others, this event was also about getting some of the writing community together to jam, having a good time painting, communicating a positive message to the public about the graffiti subculture, and bring attention to a little bit of culture and history of Montreal's red light district. Cleopatra's is the last business still holding out against forced expropriation by the city for a new Hydro Quebec office building project so if your interested in learning more then click the Cleopatra link and check out their news section. Although Montreal is the heaviest bombed city in Canada, there is still an equal amount of collaborative artistic projects that are done on a  regular basis through out the city sanctioned either by property owners or local governments. Regardless of the negative press or internal subcultural disputes between writers or crews, there is still a strong sense of community among Montreal graffiti writers and artists and it is events like this that display that comradeship and the positive productions that these individuals are capable of. Here are some shots of the event in progress when I dropped by Friday afternoon. I'll post some flicks of the finished walls when I drop by this week.
I'll have some pics of area finished soon.
Keep posted.

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