Monday, June 21, 2010

Brantford Rail yard May 2010

I was in Brantford, Ont. for a conference the weekend of May 15th and decided to walk in and around the rail yard at Brantford train station on my way out. I know that freight is a big end of graffiti across Canada and the States but I haven't had the chance to get into it as heavily as I have everything else so this was an interesting flic mission. There were a bunch of names I've never heard of before, which was expected, and a couple of local names from Montreal too that weren't so expected. I benched some pretty cool stuff and I hope to get more from local yards here in Montreal or wherever me and my camera end up down the road.

And this was a real treat. When I got off the train coming into Brantford, this was one of the first things I saw in a Toronto Sun newspaper kiosk on the side of the station which instantly put a smile on my face. At the time the Habs were still making a push in the semi-finals in the series and we were all pretty hopeful. And that this was on the cover of the Toronto sun was just too good to let it go. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

TA Wall & Factory May 2010

Hey folks, I've been meaning to post sooner by have been mad busy this past month. I've still got a bunch of finished pics of 'Bombe sur la main' to post but first here are some shots from the TA wall and factory and the area around Lionel-Groulx metro I got on May 17th. I also got some stuff from the streets and back alleys along St. Catherine's while I was on my way over to get those finished pics of that event that I'll be going through and putting together too. I finally climbed up that embankment of dust and dirt underneath the Ville-Marie to take pics of of that little wall at the top and all the supports that have been bombed and burned out. Got some good pans too.
I met a couple of writers hanging out along the side service road just a ways down from the wall who told me that some cops were patrolling in and around the factory area. Apparently they had received a call from some locals who were miffed about graff being done in the area which is pretty ironic considering that this area is soaked as it is. We chatted for a bit and then we all went in to the area after we figured the police had left, they to do some writing and me to take my photos.
As well, the construction under the Ville-Marie around the upper portion of the wall area is still going on and according to the foreman I met later that afternoon it will continue throughout until August and might go as far as the lower wall area if they can make it there by then. Lots of reparations going on, and security watching over the equipment while its not being used by the work crews during the day. So again, if your heading to the upper area keep an eye out for security or patrolling police. The lower wall and factory seem pretty open as usual. Here are those shots, more to come soon.
I'll post what I got from my trek out to the finished walls at 'Bombe sur la main' and along the way soon.
Till next.