Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rosemont May 2010

So I took that trip over to Rosemont metro a couple weeks back and did some trekking around the area and then along the tracks. I had not been to this area in quite sometime, definitely over a year, and it looks like pretty much the same areas are being hit along the tracks at least. saw some pretty nice stuff, some old stuff, and some interesting work by a good number of writers and artists out there.
I got a lot of pan shots of some of the long running walls in the area too and I think some of them came out pretty nice. There's a lot more on the streets that I wasn't able to get but I'll be going back in the near future to catch all of that too. Until then enjoy what I was able to snap with my glass and check back for more from the TA Wall and Factory that I shot last week. And head's up to those who like to frequent that area: it's under construction by the city -more patch work and maintenance of the existing structure of the Ville-Marie Expressway -but its loaded with construction crews and security that'll bust anyone painting the area if they can catch you. And police are cruising about the area more frequently too I think. So be extra aware and pay attention if your in the area.
As always I wasn't able to label everyone in this post, I am limited to 20 a post apparently so I've tagged whoever I could. All in all I have to say that there was some pretty nice and interesting stuff out there. I've got a TA Wall & Factory update to post this week too so keep in touch. And thanks to those who have posted comments, I appreciate your interest and remarks.
Till next.