Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pt. St. Charles and Some stuff along the way March 2010

I took a trip along the tracks from Atwater into Pt St. Charles a few weeks back to check out a couple of spots I spied from along the highway on my way up to Bromont to do some skiing at the end of the winter season. I figured that it was about time I got out there to check it all out. Saw some nice stuff in and along the way, including a couple of long running walls with some pieces from a few years back. Got some nice pan shots of all that too. This is a line I've been meaning to walk for a little while now and I'm glad i got the chance to finally do it. All in all was about 7 and 1/2 km and was chalked full of graff from a bunch of writers.
I'll try to make it a regular line and post updates at least once a month. Although I didn't get into the main spot I was looking for as it was fenced off and I wasn't able to locate any suitable entry zones, I did get some good pics of everything over all.
On the way out I caught some freight passing by too and snapped a few more. I'll put together a freight thread at one point in the future. More from the Plateau and Rosemont area soon.

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