Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plateau March 31 2010: Doors and other good stuff

Trekked through some of the Plateau's streets and grimy alley ways the other day and was able to fetch some pics. Lots of nice stuff out there, all sorts of graff all over the main streets and soaking the back alleys. I walked in and around St Laurent and Mont-Royal from the metro to Prince Arthur area then doubling back to my starting point through the adjoining back and side streets. Got some great shots of some local alleys and places besides all the graff too.

My trek actually began near Atwater where I walked down St Catherine's street and back alleys until I got to Place-des-Arts Metro. From there I hopped a ride to Mont-Royal and began walking from there. Got me plenty of doors to post, walls, tags, throwies, pieces, and productions. Definitely a good update.

St Caths area
And here's a couple sets of doors from along that way...
The Plateau area has some nice stuff up, some new and some old. I love walking these alleys and streets. I find stuff all the time, either new or that I missed on my last trek. 
This is one of my favorite alleyways in the plateau area, always has something new to check out. I wasn't able to fit it all into a pan shot that would be viewable and have good quality so I broke it into a few parts. 
And  a tonne of doors.
I'll be posting more from my recent visit to Griffin Town soon and I'll be making my way to some spots around Rosemont.
Till next.

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