Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TA Wall & Factory April 2010

Stopped by the TA Wall and Factory to catch up on the recent activity last week and was glad to see the wall coming back to life again. Paint from end-to-end. Some big monster pieces by Scan, Stare, and Wies, including plenty of burners from some local writers. Lots of cross outs too. Guess things are a little heated between a few folks. Overall lots of nice stuff going on at TA. I was able to get pan shots of both walls from end to end but again I have to break them into a few pieces in order to upload them. I was also able to get shots of the small wall just off the tracks above the TA Wall finally. I've been meaning to get pics of it for a while now and the afternoon light made for some good shots.
There was also a fire in the factory at some point recently as a good portion of the back area was burnt crisp. One of the rooms was matted with black soot from floor to ceiling that a couple of chaps thought would make for a good primer so they tagged it up. There was evidence of other fire pits, which I normally find, but nothing else that seemed to have gotten out of control.
Another oddity was this mass of cans all around a doorway about halfway through the second floor. Someone had collected a tonne of cans and had piled them around the doorway. Some were stacked nicely but the majority were just piled around. Perhaps they had been neatly stacked at one point but had since fallen or were disturbed by another passing through.
In any case, enjoy these shots. Once the weather starts making sense again I'll be hitting the streets and a few new spots.