Friday, March 26, 2010

Cote St Paul Industrial area Feb 2010

This is a good stretch of area that runs from Atwater Boulevard through to the Cabot Street area where Meeting of Styles was held in 2008-09. I walked from the train bridge over Atwater along the tracks into the industrial area in and around popping out around Cabot Street. It's an odd an disputed area when you ask people what it's called. A friend of mine helped me figure it out by asking his dad as he had lived int he area when he was younger. His answer was Cote-St-Paul. So it is.

I got some good pics of the area, lots of messy walls, throw-ups and pieces, even a couple of burners. I love trekking though this area not only for its back alley appeal but because it is the nexus between some interesting graffiti haunts I tend to forage for pics. I'll have separate postings for Stinky's and CBR shortly, including more pics and stories from the vault for the former. Some of these are pics of older stuff that I have spied for sometime now going back a few years and its certainly not everything but some solid stuff.
I'll have more from Stinky's and CBR Soon!

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