Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From the Vault: Stinky's 2005-2007

The Canada Malt Plant Building in The St. Henri area in Montreal was abandoned sometime after 1985 and since has been left to decay. In the mid 90s it became a popular destination for local writers who affectionately nicknamed it "Stinky's" due to the hefty and musky smells that emanated from the structures inner chambers. Stinky's has also been popular with urban explorers who have posted a number of photos and anecdotes about their adventures into the dark recesses of this once prominent industrial structure.

I first started documenting this place in 2005 after discovering it during my canvassing of the St Henri area for photos. At this time the courtyard was still accessible and there were a number of other entrances into the plant. I never had the chance to get deep into the plant but I did venture in to take a quick peek. I was able to go back a few times over the next couple of years until 2007 when I discovered that the property owners had blocked up the courtyard entrances and every other entry way in an effort to stave writers and explorers alike from getting in.

Here are some pictures I took from that period. I'll post some from 2008 to present when I get a chance. It's a shame this place got squashed for the most part because there was some really nice pieces and productions that had been done there and most likely would have continued to have been done had it not been closed off. There is still some new hits that go up but considerably less activity since its closing.


Lot's of photos here as I had to cover a three year stretch. Some may have been lopped into a year only cause I might have missed them the year before type thing. But you can see where in 2007 the entrances were blocked up barring anyone from entering the plant. Some determined kids and writers have made some new ones but they usually get blocked up pretty quickly. I've got some shots from 2008-2009 as well that I will post some point soon. I'm also going to make a trip to Stinky's in the near future to see what's been going on as of late. 

More soon.

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