Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Van Horne Dec 2010

Although I've been meaning to post everything from the last few months -and i will- but earlier this month I took a trip to Rosemont and FINALLY got into this spot to catch some great flicks. I've heard of this spot for a while but just never got my ass over to it, always taking flicks of the tracks and area around Rosemont and Laurier, but never a little ways over. As soon as I saw it I had to get in.

The outside of the building was pretty well barred up but I was able to find a little window to get in.There was tonnes of stuff inside spread out over fours, and besides some ice, water, and debris, it was easy enough to get around. Anyway, here are my pics, there are a lot of them. I was a little trigger happy considering I had never been in there so be ready for a monster post.

Lots of wall space in this place, and from the looks of it's still pretty recent. These walls don't have the same layered paint seen in the TA Factory, I mean they're done up in a lot of places, but there is still some pretty good real estate to be grabbed in here.

 Ok, I have way too many shots. I'll post more later. Hope you enjoyed this for now.